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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween is coming!

Are you ready for trick-or-treating and costumes? I hope so! Fall is such a beautiful time of year.

To get you in the spooky spirit, here is a look at our Halloween products from years' past we have in the LID store. Be sure to grab them up, because Halloween is just around the corner! (Click on the images to be linked to the store products.)

And here are some awesome projects made using some of these products!

Have a spooktacular day!


Friday, October 17, 2014

New Release Sneak Peek & New Store Policy Effective Now

Hi there, Friends!

We'll get to the new release sneak in just a moment, but first ..........

We've had to make a small change and I wanted to notify you all of this change as soon as possible.

Previously, we have been able combine multiple orders together and refund unused shipping. This is commonly used when a customer has an order pending and then is notified that an item they've been wanting is restocked or simply the customer came back and made an additional purchase.  While it's been our absolute pleasure to combine your orders and issue a refund we do need to make a change and for a few different reasons.

The first and most important reason - the real motivator behind this decision - is because our new system is marking some of these refunded orders as cancelled which causes them to drop off of our fulfillment screen and since June we've had a handful customers whose orders we're not fulfilled in a timely manner because of this. YIKES!

In addition to this reason which has cause an unnecessary lapse in our ability to serve our customers efficiently, there are also credit card charges that are incurred when a refund is place. EW!

So in an effort to continue to provide the level of service of customers expect at Lil' Inker Designs, we have decided that any refunds that do not specifically pertain to the return of merchandise in accordance with our return policy will be issued in the form of a store credit which will be applied to your customer account at Lil' Inker Designs.

Thank you for understanding! We appreciate your business so much!!

And just since you read this all the way through I thought I'd give you a little eye candy! I thought it would be even more fun if it were a sneak peek of our new release - you deserve it!!!!

We'll see you on October 29th for our New Release Hop which begins on OUR BLOG

ALSO, one other thing before I let you go. Tonight our Stitched Mats: Rectangles will be restocking!! I'm stalking Mr. Brown who will be here by the end of the business day. Yahooo!!!

Thanks so much and chat soon,


Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy World Card Making Day!

Hi there! Happy World Card Making Day! Lil' Inker Designs is celebrating with a sale!

All stamp sets are on sale Saturday, October 4th through Sunday, October 5th! 
Stock up on the sets you've been eyeing at a FANTASTIC price!

Here are a couple of my personal faves...

What are you doing to celebrate this special lil' holiday? Hopefully you're in your crafty spaces getting inky! I plan to as well! 



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just Stamping Away!

I recently had the pleasure of the most wonderful weekend away. I went to Kansas which I never thought I'd ever hear myself say being a Boston girl who never really leaves her 5 mi. radius :)

I saw actual cowboys at Subway!

This guy in the middle had honest to goodness actual spurs that jingle-jangled when he walked. 

We ate donuts bigger than my face at midnight and there was a line of people down the block waiting for donuts at this hour!

Don't tell Weight Watchers but I ate every drop of this and had I been at home I would have licked the frosting off the paper - it was THAT good!

I stayed in THE most amazing home I've ever seen. There was creation and inspiration everywhere you looked. It was as though Pinterest exploded in this house in the most beautiful of ways.

This was the room/bed I slept in.

My craft space!

Better than my surroundings was the company I was keeping for the weekend! I was with the most wonderful, warm, talented, funny, sweet and crafty ladies - EVER!!!

AWw love this picture!!

All of us!

All of us!



Karolyn Loncon - you're a flippin' RIOT!

Chrissy Larson - you are an amazing stamper!

Lynn Mangan - Seriously, can I bring you home with me?

Susan Wesley - you're the sweetest AND you have great ideas!

Eva Costigan is AWESOME!!!

Nichol Magouirk & Laurie Willison- I was in the presence of greatness!

To everyone at our weekend event - I seriously love each and every one of you!!!!!

These ladies mean BUSINESS when it comes to their paper crafting. I thought I had amassed quite a collection of supplies over the years and then I saw everyone else's supplies and I was WOWED! They have every ink and every paper and every tool and EVERY embellishment you can imagine and EVERYTHING is organized and I mean like completely and totally organized in systems and do-hickies and files. It was impressive as heck!

Every minute we had together was spent laughing and having fun and of course crafting! I can't tell you how amazing it was to have a weekend with friends TO STAMP!! I've never made so many cards in one sitting!!

Here are a few that I can actually share. I say that because I used this opportunity to work ahead and create projects with items we've not yet released at LID :)

This was by far the BEST trip I have ever been on. I missed home and I missed my little radius and of course my Keiths SOOOO STINKIN' MUCH but boy oh boy am I glad I went!!!! And I already can't wait until next year!!!

A lot of people made it possible for me to attend this event. My friend Missy picked up Keithie from school one afternoon. My mom took a day off from work and she and my dad had Keithie overnight a night and picked him up from school another. Of course my husband played a BIG PART too. He took a day off as well to be with Keithie on Saturday because he normally works and our house was SPOTLESS when I got home-no surprise there though - he's a neat-nick, and my fabulous in laws entertained my boys on Saturday night and Sunday. Thank you all for making this happen for me. I love you all so much!

Of course NONE of this weekend would have been possible without my friends Amy Kolling and Laurie Willison who organized the entire event, all the food, all the logistics and how could I forget? THE SWAG BAG! Yes! There was swag!!! Thank you, Ladies. I felt honored to be there. It was a definite "Pinch Me" kind of weekend! Thank you so much!

Thanks for stopping by today I hope you enjoyed my pictures and projects today!